New Politics on the King World News Broadcast

New Politics on the King World News Broadcast

There are 2 other interviews on the “new politics” that seems now to be coming to a head in true “Bilderberg Group” style in the European Union. We must pray that our own leaders in North America do not fall for these extreme and seemingly Communist/Fascist (take your pick) sorts of ideas that involve in the end not only absolute control of the people in the name of the people but also, it seems, the goal of benefitting only a few select and favoured governors, their immediate families and entourage. We give you 2 links lead to interviews that were presented last week over King World News, one that leads to a chilling interview of Lord Monckton (please see Lord Christopher Monckton ) and the other that leads to an interview of Nigel Farage (please see MEP Nigel Farage). Lord Monckton was an adviser to Margaret Thatcher. Nigel Farage (pronounced like “garage”) is the head of the United Kingdom Independence Party,. I found both interviews to be real eye openers.

In connection with the second interview, US-based King World News noted the following: “Many US Citizens that follow European Politics are deeply concerned the United States is following Europe into a post democratic age. Nigel Farage is currently a Member of European Parliament/MEP and a founding member of the United Kingdom Independence Party/UKIP. Nigel has become legendary in all EU countries as a voice of the people in Europe. The EU is now appointing people without going through the election process and many feel that even when they do have an election it consists of several politicians from different parties but the same agenda. Nigel has taken on the establishment and with his tremendous leadership he has given others the courage to stand up against an onslaught of injustices against the people. This interview is a glimpse into what America's future may soon look like if our government continues to follow the EU mold. In this interview, the unbelievable clips from his exchange in the EU are heard and snapshots above are taken from the video of this incredible exchange. Nigel also discusses the losses of freedoms in Europe, the police state which is enveloping the people of the European Union, the hijacking of democracy which has taken place in Europe, the injustice of the appointing of European leaders rather than by traditional democratic election, why he has decided to fight for the people, the Lisbon Treaty, cap & trade and much more.”

Developments in Europe seem now to be taking an ominous turn. Freedom of speech and basic traditional rights that came to us all under Magna Carta such as the right of “habeus corpus” (the right to be charged with an offence before incarceration) and the right to a jury trial seem now to be at risk. Both the Monckton and the Farage interviews are “must listens”.

You might also be interested in looking at Climategate goes SERIAL for a UK Telegraph article posted December 16, 2009 and entitled “Climategate goes SERIAL: now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming”.