Climate Change Article: The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Courageous Science vs. Politicized Science

Quality -- Four Stars

Language: None

Violence: None

Sex: None

Nudity: None


RELEASE: March 8, 2007 on UK Channel 4

TIME: 70 minutes

STARRING: yun-Ichi Akasola, Tim Bell, Nigel Calder, John Christy, Ian Clark, Piers Corbyn, Paul Driessen, Eigil Friis Christensen, Nigel Lawson, Richard Lindzen, Patrick Michaels, Patrick Moore, Paul Reiter, Nir Shaviv, James Shikwati, Fredrick Singer, Roy Spencer, Philip Stott, and Carl Wunseh

DIRECTOR: Martin Durkin

PRODUCER: Martin Durkin



DISTRIBUTOR: United Kingdom's Channel 4

GENRE: Documentary



REVIEWER: David Outten

CONTENT: (BB) Strong moral worldview in a courageous English television documentary that takes on the lies of the environmental movement and blows them away; no foul language; no violence; no sex; upper male nudity and women at a beach in bathing suits; no alcohol; no smoking and, nothing else objectionable.

What We Thought...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Martin Durkin and UK Channel 4. For all those who've had a bad feeling about the global warming hysteria but couldn't say clearly why, now you can. This excellent documentary takes the issue and explains it in laymen's terms, aspect by aspect from several scientific perspectives and from the political and financial as well. It puts all the pieces together in such a way that it makes perfect sense how the whole world can fall for scam science paid for by those with a political agenda. On one hand, it restores faith that truth will eventually win, on the other it gives the entire scientific community a black eye as big as a sun spot. It is shameful that so many scientists, supposedly committed to the pursuit of truth, have been caught pushing obvious lies to receive politically-motivated research grants.

This program should be required viewing for all the poor souls who paid to see Al Gore's AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. An elementary school student should be able to grasp the clear illustrations given THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE which include:

  1. Climate change is always happening. The earth has had periods of temperatures higher than the present long before mankind produced significant amounts of CO2.
  2. From 1940 to 1970, the world saw huge increases in automobiles and industry and human production of CO2 while temperatures steadily dropped.
  3. Human CO2 production is small compared to CO2 production by decaying plants and the ocean activity.
  4. Ice core records show CO2 levels rising AFTER temperature increases instead of before, which makes sense if decaying vegetation and warmer oceans resulted in more CO2 (even before human related emissions).
  5. Cloud concentrations, influenced by sun activity, bear an astounding correlation to climate changes.
  6. Margaret Thatcher helped kick off research on human-caused global warming because she favored nuclear energy to reduce dependence of Middle Eastern oil and coal (subject to disruptive union strikes in England).
  7. Communists and socialists disappointed by the fall of the Soviet Union looked to environmentalism as a means to continue their fight against capitalism.
  8. The political correctness of Global Warming Hysteria has led to massive research funding for those who buy the theory and job loss fears for those who stand against the hysteria.

This program has predictably come under attack but hopefully it has reopened an international debate that was in danger of being closed with devastating consequences to the world's economy and to the integrity of the scientific community.

Please address your comments to:

Andy Duncan, Chief Executive

Channel 4

P.O. Box 1058



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