Climate Change Article: Global Warming — UN's Trojan Horse

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Global Warming — UN's Trojan Horse

Dr. Edward F. Blick

31,072 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,021 with PhDs:

Copy of Petition 31,072 Scientists Signed

Dr. Edward F. Blick was a Professor of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma from 1959-2007. He has also been Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Prof. of Meteorology at the same institution. He worked on Project Mercury at NASA, helped with development of the F4 fighter, and was a U.S. Air Force weatherman.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

— Genesis 8:22

The UN, like Hitler, believes if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. All responsible citizens wish to leave this world a cleaner, healthier place. But they should not be subjected to the UN's mass delusions of “environmental extremism.” Many people are starting to realize that much of what they've been told about man-made global warming by governments, by the United Nations, by Al Gore, and by crusading celebrities is simply wrong.

In the 20th century, the 1930s were the hottest years. These temperature records dispel the hoax of man-made global warming. During the 20th century the Earth warmed up about 0.6°C. This warming correlated with the increase in solar activity as we were coming out of the Little Ice Age. Astronomers have discovered that Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all warmed up in the 20th century because of increased solar activity. Our SUVs couldn't have caused that. A miniscule amount of heating (0.05°C) was due to man burning fossil fuels (Archibald, 2008).

Since 1998, global warming has taken a vacation. We've had global cooling from reduced sun-spot activity (Archibald, 2008). The embarrassed environmental extremists have changed their rants from man-made “global warming” to man-made “climate change.” The environmental wackos attempt to defend their junk science by saying this “science is settled.” As a scientist, I can tell you that nothing in science is ever settled!

There is a surprising similarity between environmental extremism and another false religion, Darwinism. Darwin rejected God as the Creator of all things; he worshiped instead the creation. Darwinism, in essence, states that your great great... great grandmother was a gorilla. It is a 150-year-old theory with no science to support it.

Similarly, environmental extremism is a religion with no scientific evidence to support it. Their aim is to destroy industry. Many converts are misanthropic fanatics. Man is bad; polar bears are good! It is even taught in grade schools. Kids are shown Al Gore's sci-fi horror film, and then have nightmares about being drowned in rising oceans due to man's sin of burning fossil fuels. A judge in England recently banned the showing of Gore's film in schools because of the large number of scientific errors!

The mass hysteria about global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels has reached the point where professors and professionals are terminated if they don't express allegiance to the god of climate extremism. (i.e. Dr. Hendrix Tennekes, director of research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Oregon State climatologist George Taylor).

I taught “turbulence” to engineering and meteorology students at Oklahoma University using Tennekes' textbook. In the last seven years, our government has given over $29 billion to professors (more than was spent on the Apollo program) to investigate this junk science. Why didn't we use it to drill for more oil or convert coal to oil?

What is the motivation for the scare? Why did so many otherwise intelligent people accept or even promote the scare? Primarily it originated in the UN with Socialist Maurice Strong. He has been the UN high priest of environmentalism going back as far as UN Secretary-General U Thant (a Burmese Marxist). Strong has been mixed up in many UN scandals, including the notorious Iraqi “Oil for Food.” He is an enemy of our way of life, and is the mentor of the “Talking Dummy” — Al Gore.

Strong is a leader in the New Age religion, which worships Gaia, the Earth-mother. The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel in California replaced the Gideon Bible on its nightstands with Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth! Global warming is a religion, not a science!

Strong and the UN set up the 1992 Rio Janeiro “The Earth Summit” which Vice President Al Gore attended (and switched churches — from Southern Baptist to environmentalism). At this conference Strong stated, “The Earth Summit will play an important role in reforming and strengthening the UN as the centerpiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance.”

It is rumored that Maurice Strong and his group wrote Al Gore's first book, then handed Gore the book, told him to read it, and to show up at his book signing. I don't know if this is true. However consider this: Al Gore is a politician, not a scientist. He flunked out of Vanderbilt's divinity school. Of his two natural science courses in college, he made a “D” in one and a “C+” in the other. It is highly doubtful that a non-scientist like Gore could write a cleverly crafted science-fiction book, and he ducks all challenges to debate global warming. You decide.

Strong and the UN set up the 1997 Kyoto conference on global warming, where all countries were urged to sign a treaty to reduce their CO2 output in order to save the planet. China, India, and the U.S. refused (hooray!). Most of Europe joined, but have done little in the way of lowering their CO2 output. National Review (9/1/97) quoted Strong, “The only way of saving the world may be for industrial civilization to collapse, deliberately seek poverty, and set levels of mortality.' Strong had been an advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Timothy Wirth, Clinton's undersecretary of state, stated, We have to ride the theory of global warming even if it is wrong.” Richard Benedict, former advisor to Kofi Annan stated, “A global warming treaty must be implemented even if there is no evidence of global warming.' Are you getting the picture?

Dr. James Hansen, on June 23, 2008, asked Congress to try “big oil” leaders for the high crime of doubting global warming! He is one of Gore's advisors and a media darling depicted as a non-partisan scientist. But his immense arrogance is dwarfed by his great dishonesty. He has admitted he is willing to exaggerate science in order to get public attention. He is director of NASA's GISS lab, which keeps track of global temperatures. He has been accused of “cooking the temperature books” in order to boost the global warming hoax. In 1988 he appeared before Senator Al Gore's committee and said he was 99% certain the earth was warming due to greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, Hansen's U.S. warming forecast for the 1990s was too high by 300%! And this is called a settled science!

In 1988, the corrupt UN set up a phony scientific panel called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control (IPCC). It's purpose was to spread the religion of man-made global warming across the globe, and have people beg for a government solution. There was no scientific evidence (then or now) of any significant man-made global warming. They had to create a masterful lie. Sir John Houghton, the first chairman of the UN's IPCC stated, “Unless we announce disaster, no one will listen”!

Here is how they succeeded. As a smokescreen, qualified experts in science and climatology were hired to investigate if man has effected the warming of the Earth. Here is the summary the scientists wrote for the 1995 IPCC draft report:

  1. None of the studies have shown any clear evidence of climate changes due to greenhouse gases.
  2. No study has positively attributed any climate change to anthropogenic (man-made) causes.
  3. Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate are reduced.

Although not what the UN wanted, they had a cover scheme in place. They removed all three of the quotes of the scientists, and UN politicians inserted the following bald-faced lie in the final 1995 summary report for lawmakers: “The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.”

Wow! Many of the IPCC scientists quit and threatened the UN with a lawsuit in order to have their names removed from the IPCC final report.

Following the 1995 IPCC report, the UN cranked out more IPCC “science” reports in 2001 and '07. The lies, deceit, and sleight-of-hand of the 1995 report were repeated in all of the following reports.

By the time of the 2001 IPCC report, the politics and hysteria about global warming had risen to a level that demanded evidence of a human cause. An entire industry had developed around massive funding from the government. The IPCC's problem was the history found in 500-plus research papers from a wide variety of sources that had confirmed the existence of a period warmer than today (A.D, 800-1300). Wine grapes were grown in Scotland, the Vikings colonized Greenland, most of Europe's great cathedrals were constructed, and the Chinese navy sailed in the arctic with no sign of ice. This warm period was named the Medieval Climate Optimum — and there was not an SUV in sight! The Little Ice Age followed, with a drastic drop in global temperatures which produced great famines, disease, and froze the Vikings out of Greenland (Soon & Baliunas, 2003). In the 19th and 20th centuries the global temperatures rose as we started coming out of the Little Ice Age. The corrupt UN tried to erase this history.

In 1990 the UN, in an unguarded moment of truth, published a truthful chart. Eleven years later, they denied the truth of that chart with a new chart in their 2001 IPCC report. The new chart became known as the “hockey stick.” The shape of the curve is flat (the handle, showing no temperature rise for the past 1,000 years) followed by a sudden rise in the 20th century. It was ideal for the UN; the Medieval Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age vanished and the sudden rise in the 20th-century temperatures were clearly unnatural. Hence, they preached it must be due to climate criminals in America and Europe burning fossil fuels! Now they could bully people who questioned the global-warming science and introduce draconian legislation to get rid of the evil pollutant, CO2 (as was their intention all along).

However, the UN's hockey stick was broken in 2007. Scores of reputable scientists protested this fraudulent chart. Two scientists, McIntyre and McKitrick, using 1,000 years of proxy data, uncovered the lie. Hearings were held in Congress, and our National Academy of Sciences confirmed the hockey stick chart was a fraudulent chart designed to deceive the public and lawmakers.

The UN's hoax was uncovered, but a lot of people and legislators still believe it. Why? Because most people are not scientists and they have succumbed to 20 years propaganda from the media, Al Gore, and the UN. General Electric owns NBC. They make money off global warming by selling solar panels and windmills. Hardly a week goes by without NBC showing us a shot of some calving glacier and claiming it is proof of global warming!

McCain and Obama have pledged to solve this global warming non-problem with trillions of our dollars if they are elected. The first week in June, our Senate debated a CO2 cap and trade bill and tossed around cost numbers like $6 trillion or so. Our “good guy” senators from Oklahoma, Jim Inbofe and Tom Coburn, who know global warming is a hoax, helped to defeat the bill.

The politicians of other countries are making similar promises. MIT professor Dr. Richard Lindzen, (probably the world's best climate scientist and an original member of the IPCC team) has stated, “Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat's dream. If you control carbon you control life!” Presently the environmental wackos have control of the “Don't Drill Democrats” in our Congress, and they are controlling carbon! They haven't authorized drilling off shore or in ANWAR (a bleak tundra), or building nuclear power plants and gasoline refineries, or converting our abundant supply of oil shale and coal to oil. (It became cost effective when oil hit $40/barrel). During World War II, Germans were converting coal to oil. We discovered the process after Germany was defeated. We are now paying $4-5/gallon for gasoline, and prices are rising on everything. We are close to an economic collapse much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. So the solution Congress gave us was ethanol, which is a cruel joke. Now we have food shortages.

The environmental wackos and democrats want to starve us of fossil fuel and grind our factories to a halt. If this happens America's wealth and material growth will disappear.

Global warming is a hoax instigated by the UN. Water vapor is the major greenhouse gas! CO2 is not pollutant, but a gas of life.

APPENDIX: Still Waiting for the CO2 Greenhouse

  • CO2 is not a pollutant. It is the gas of life for plants and, hence, animals.
  • All plant life is sustained by photosynthesis, where CO2 + water + the sun's energy form carbohydrates + oxygen.
  • Humans and animals breathe in the oxygen and exhale CO2. Sounds like intelligent design!
  • If atmospheric CO2 drops to the 220 ppm (parts per million), plants get sick; add 160 ppm, they die.
  • In a field of corn on a sunny day, unless wind currents stir up the air, all of the CO2 is consumed within one meter of the ground in 5 minutes.
  • Present atmospheric CO2 is about 385 ppm, but in times past, it was as high as 2450 ppm (Jaworoski, 1992a, 1992b).
  • The oceans breathe carbon dioxide in and out. The warming during the 20th century caused the oceans to emit more CO2 into the atmosphere. This is similar to CO2 rising out of a glass of soda pop or beer as it warms (Endersbee, 2008).
  • In order to increase their yield, commercial greenhouse owners increase the CO2 levels to 1000 ppm.
  • The most important greenhouse gases are water vapor, water vapor, water vapor, and CO2. (Dr. Richard Lindzen). Atmospheric water vapor is 5400% greater (by mass) than CO2.
  • “The first 30 feet of water vapor absorb 80% of the earth's heat radiation. You can go outside and spit and have the effect as doubling CO2!” (Dr. Reid Bryson, Dir. Meteor. U. of Wisc.).
  • 150 years ago, the atmospheric CO2 contained 700Gt of carbon (Gt = billion tons), and the earth contained 7,000 Gt of carbon in the form of fossil fuels. It is estimate we have burned 1,000 Gt of the original 7,000 Gt. (Segalstad 1998).
  • From physical chemistry, Henry's Law of Solubility: At normal temperature, water hold 50 parts of CO2 in solution for one part of gaseous CO2 above the water. Experimental measurements have shown that the residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 5 years. The UN lies and says it is 50-200 years.
  • Today, after 150 years, the amount of CO2 added by man to the atmosphere is (1/50) x 1000 = 20 Gt, and the increase in atmospheric CO2 is (700 + 20)/700= 1.03, or 3% increase!! (Segalstad, 1998). The UN, using junk science and mysterious fudge factors, says the increase is 21%.
  • Using Henry's Law again, and assuming we burn up the remaining 6,000 Gt of carbon in our fossil fuel reserves, the increase in atmospheric CO2 will be 1.2, or a 20% increase over what the atmosphere contained in the mid-19th century! (Segalstad, 1998). The UN with their junk science predicts a 170% increase.
  • The earth's temperature without our atmosphere would be 0° F. Our atmospheric greenhouse gases (primarily water vapor) increase the average temperature to about 58° F.
  • The total internal energy of the whole ocean is 3.3 x 1027 Joules, about 2,000 times greater than the total energy of the entire atmosphere, 9.4 x 1023 joules.
  • The global climate is primarily governed by the enormous heat energy stored in the oceans and the latent heat of melting of the ice caps.
  • Thermodynamic heat balance: the small amounts of heat generated by anthropogenic CO2 could not possibly cause significant increases in sea levels (Segalstad, 1995). [Ed. It is similar to urinating in the ocean and seeing no rise in sea level!]
  • 1,400 years of study found approximately 10 inches of difference in sea level between the thermal expansions of the Medieval Warm Period and thermal contractions of the Little Ice Age (van de Plassche)
  • Even burning all fossil fuels (7,000 Gt of carbon) will have no meaningful effect on global climate.
  • From March 2007 to '08, the sea ice in the Arctic has increased by one million sq. km.
  • Climate records show the hottest temperatures in the U.S. ocurred in the 1930s; 24 of our 50 states had their record high temperatures in the 1930s. Only 11 had their record highs from 1940 to 2008!
  • The Medieval Warm Period was warmer than today, with no SUVs.
  • If the variable sun caused both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age, would not the solar activity of the 20th century account for most, if not all, of the claimed 20th century warmth?
  • CO2 has no discernible effect on global temperature (Jaworowski, 2007).


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